General Updates

Fall Event Schedule

For anyone who missed our post-game meeting this past Sunday, here’s a look at our planned Fall event schedule! The exact dates and times for the events are subject to change, but these are what we’re planning on!

If you’re new to Gator Humans versus Zombies, we run two different styles of events. HvZ games, like our Lock-Ins, Day Games, and Main Games, are a game of Nerf Tag where zombies try and tag humans to convert them into zombies while Humans defend themselves with Nerf blasters as they attempt to complete objectives. PvP Days and our Skirmishes are Player versus Player Nerf Battles in which individual players or teams battle for victory in game modes like free-for-all, team deathmatch, capture the flag, and more!

Finally, if you’re interested in joining our moderator team this semester for our PvP days or the Main Game, fill out a Moderator Application this week at the link below!