General Updates

Weekend Invitational Begins Next Friday

HvZ Players,

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is only a week away. A mysterious client has tasked us with extracting the University of Florida’s missing tuition money from its safe on the zombie-infested campus. Housing is still available near the quarantine zone. If you need lodging, please message our Facebook page. Invite your squad—and ensure all players are registered at and bring their vaccine card, negative covid test from within 2 weeks of the game, or their UF campus cleared status.

You may have heard “Just Destroy the Brain!” Well, it’s a little bit more complicated than that. You MUST attend ONE of our three rules meetings to play in our game. These won’t be very long, less than an hour, and then you will be ready to complete your mission. And kill zombies. Lots of zombies. 

All of the rules meetings will be on zoom. Once again, you MUST attend one to play in our game. The times for each meeting, and the zoom link, are listed below:

Wednesday, 6/9 – 7 pm

Thursday, 6/10 – 7 pm (Followed by watching Army of the Dead at 8 pm for our HvZoom!)

Friday, 6/11 – 3 pm

Zoom Link:

All modified blasters and known potential risk blasters will be chronographed at the quarantine camp when you arrive for mission 1. More details to come soon. 

In good faith,

The GHvZ Team

See you soon!