General Updates

Long Live the Infinite Horde

Thank you all for playing in the week-long game last week! We hope that you enjoyed it, and we loved getting to run the game for y’all! The infinite horde, under the command of the Infinite One and with a little help from Logan Prime, have taken control of the multiverse — or at least whatever’s left of it.

Please take a few moments to fill out the post-game survey to give us feedback on the elements of the game here, so we can continue to improve our games for your enjoyment!

Remember, elections are this weekend before the post-game meeting, so if you’re in town come visit us at Reitz Union Room #2360 from 2-6pm on Saturday or request an absentee ballot if you’re an eligible voter.

As for future updates, there will be one summer game probably sometime in July. Look out for updates here and on our social media for when we get all the details ironed out!