Modifications Guide

Every “weapon” used in GHvZ that is modified from its original form, built for competitive play, or homemade (excluding socks) MUST be cleared with a moderator, who may also be assisted by modification experts.  This entails bringing the blaster/blowgun/etc. to a rules meeting or the first rules briefing at least 15 minutes early.  For the safety of the players and non-players, moderators have the final say in whether something is allowed.

If an unapproved blaster is used during the game, the user will face disciplinary action by means of the Etiquette Guidelines .

The following is a comprehensive guide to help you help us keep the game safe:

1. General Notes

  • No marshmallow/water/xploders/paintball/airsoft guns and NO REAL GUNS
  • No, melee weapons and shields are not allowed UNLESS handed out by a moderator
  • You take responsibility for your modified armaments
  • If you are scavenging darts and find illegal ones, report them to a moderator immediately
  • Ammo dumping is frowned upon (if not picked up, it reflects poorly on the club)
  • Variable FPS blasters are not allowed if their FPS can be changed on the blaster itself to a value over 130 fps. If you have specific questions about this rule please contact us.
  • We have a soft Rate of Fire (ROF) cap of 8 darts per second and a hard ROF cap of 10 darts per second.
  • It is suggested to mark everything that is personal

2. Ammo

  1. Modification
    1. Cannot be modified beyond stock/aftermarket form (weighted, cut, pin in tip, glued, etc) except in the case of shortening darts for the creation of half-darts or fitting darts into shells.
    2. Allowed and suggested to mark ammo for recovery
  2. Chronograph (velocity) testing
    • Approximate average of multiple shots (around 5)
    • Good condition ammo
    • Fully charged batteries and full rev for electric blasters
    • Appropriate lighting
    • Heavy worker darts cannot be used when chronographing blasters
    • FPS Caps:
      • Note that our average fps cap is what blasters should be tuned for, but if any dart goes above our single shot fps cap your blaster will not be allowed.
AmmoAverageSingle Shot
Nerf Elite/BoomCo/Rival120 fps130 fps
Mega/Vortex90 fps 100 fps
Foam Rockets75 fps80 fps
ArrowsCase by caseCase by case
  1. Allowed
    • All ammo listed in the table above
    • All other stock Nerf and Buzzbee darts
    • Koosh, 6MILES, Men-Gun
    • Others, case by case
    • **Note:  Use of these warrants action through the Etiquette Guidelines:
    • Full Vinyl Jackets/Phat
    • “Nipple” darts
    • Volberry
    • Any other darts with hard/solid tips
    • Any modified darts

3. Blasters

  1. Construction
    • Not realistic looking
    • Safe construction
      • No exposed wires, sharp points, etc.
      • LiCo/LiMn/IMR/ICR/UltraFire/TrustFire batteries MAY BE HAZARDOUS
    • Reasonable noise level
  2. Colors
    • Orange/stock color tip and trigger
    • Body colors no darker than a stock Rapidstrike (no black blasters are permitted)
    • Bright color accents if body is dark
    • No metallic body colors, but metallic accents are fine
    • Brightly colored tape on handles of all holstered blasters or those with dark/grey/metallic handles

4. Bows

  • Stock Rebelle and zingbow approved
  • Other bows tested on case by case basis
  • Ammo is also tested on a case by case basis
  • No modified ammo
  • Same coloring rules as blasters

5. Rival Slingshots

  • 5 ft max draw
  • Chrono tested from full draw
  • Brightly colored tape on arms/handle
  • Eye protection recommended

6. Blow Guns

  1. Construction
    • Pvc or similar material
    • Less than 4ft total length
    • Internal diameter can be no larger than a mega dart, external diameter can be no larger than the internal diameter plus ½ inch
    • Foam (or similar) mouthpiece sufficient to prevent injury (see examples)
    • If longer than 1 ft, must have foam tips on both ends sufficient to prevent injury (see examples)
  2. Coloring
    1. Orange paint or tape on tips
    2. Same coloring rules as blasters

7. Socks

  • Balled/rolled socks or fabric
  • Roughly 1-1.5” diameter,  1-2” long
  • One thin strip of tape around (or small rubber band)
  • Minimal velcro if desired; must be as least abrasive as possible