MoL Hunt Rules

  • To find and claim the Mutation of Legend you must solve a series of clues that will lead you to its hidden location
  • All 15 clues will be posted to the Facebook page of Mod Number Two when the hunt begins. Find that page here
  • Each clue will be a puzzle that will eventually lead you to a specific location on UF campus
  • Search these locations for a plastic bag marked with green duct tape
  • Within those bags will be a clue, which together with the rest of the clues will lead you to the hiding place of the MoL
  • Once you find the clue, take a photo of it, place it back in its bag, and return the bag where you found it. DO NOT TAKE THE CLUE

No-Search Zones

  • Inside Buildings
  • Construction Sites
  • Police Station
  • Shands
  • Off-Campus

Join the Chat

Join the Gator HvZ MoL Hunt GroupMe to get updates about the hunt, talk to other hunters, and ask the mods questions about the hunt. Join the chat here.